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December 05, 2012



What, no Tanganyika Groundnut Scheme? No Iraq war?


I couldn't help wondering while reading it whether Jimmy Savile had ever had any projects in the Third World but apparently AFAICT his version of charity stopped at the water's edge

john b

A proper traditional Yorkshire paedophile. No truck with boys or foreigners.

Aircraft Avionics Testing

The Chadian authorities will never realize the hardwork of the crew to bring aid to the people of South Africa. The place is governed with false Chad laws.


"Aircraft Avionics Testing". Now that's what I call spam.


""Aircraft Avionics Testing". Now that's what I call spam."

Would you buy a used TCAS received from this man?

Barry Freed

Considering one of the names mentioned in this thread among other things, not to mention the previous unpleasant inundation, it's what I call a vast improvement. OTOH, Chad laws aside, it would have been better suited to the Chris Williams' DC-3 post.

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