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December 02, 2012



"By Mark Ames and Alexander Zaitchik".

Thank you. No further questions, m'lud.

Chris Williams

Reading that, I thought that the pull-out quote was:

"Among his first assignments was developing a plan to parachute oil executives disguised as Romanian firefighters into the Balkans to sabotage Axis energy supply lines. (Sadly, it was never implemented.)"

Until I got to:

"Assassin Jerome Johnson was a black neo-Nazi as well as a practiced marksman and member of the NRA. He also thought he was God. "


yes, and he went to assassinate Gallo 'while carrying a monkey' Lighten up Ajay, it's a great romp.


Wow, Ames didn't hit a woman in the whole thing!

CW: That plan is interesting, because SOE had the same idea two years before it and did a huge amount of strategising about Romania. There was even a whole Royal Engineer field squadron in Egypt waiting to be airlifted in to demolish the oil infrastructure once the diplomatic pieces lined up, which they never did because the politics of it was completely unrealistic.

Also, the monkey.

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