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January 04, 2013



no one can question his financial foresight.... he's bought a life insurance policy..

Ooh, for a sight of those exclusionary sub clauses

Chris Williams

Yeah, I was worrying about that one too. On the other hand, if he goes to his death _thinking_ that the policy's going to work, is that a bad thing?


Chris, you make the 'happy lemming' case.[But wasn't there a Walt Disney producers or someone making them very unhappy by throwing them over the cliff anyway?]

Meanwhile, for those that can't afford the full war tourism experience, why not give your little 'uns a model taste of what it might be like ? (gotta love the reviews)


Ah, perhaps I should try to post that link again: purely for the reviews you understand.

Barry Freed

"I'm not a target for snipers because I'm a tourist, not like you journalists," he told a reporter. "Besides, I'm not afraid if they shoot at me or that they might kill me. I'm a combination of samurai and kamikaze."

He forgot to add ninja.

Dateline Aleppo:

Usayd rests his Dragunov SVD and turns to his spotter Ali.
Usayd: "What do you say I just take this one guy out and we break for a smoke and a bit of a nosh? I'm famished."
Ali: "No, hold on, wait a minute. Do you see all those cameras he's carrying?"
Usayd: "Another fucking journalist? He's mine."
Usayd readies the rifle against his shoulder.
Ali: "No, no I mean look at him, all those fucking cameras and that's Japanese GSDF camo he's wearing. He's definitely not FSA and I don't think he's a journalist. That's gotta be a motherfucking crazy Japanese tourist."
Usayd: "Mashallah!"

dick gregory

Palestinian residents of Bethlehem looked on in disbelief as Yuji Makano and his girlfriend Mina Takahashi walked through the debris towards the church seemingly oblivious to the evidence of war.

Ten years on, the unconscious becomes conscious.


I remember reading (possibly in Ed Vulliamy's book) about a Liverpool trucker (shaven head, belly and tattoos all complete) who regularly took time off to drive aid convoys to Bosnia for much the same reason - it was a change from driving frozen chicken parts around the Midlands, and it was fun.

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