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January 04, 2013


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no one can question his financial foresight.... he's bought a life insurance policy..

Ooh, for a sight of those exclusionary sub clauses

Chris Williams

Yeah, I was worrying about that one too. On the other hand, if he goes to his death _thinking_ that the policy's going to work, is that a bad thing?


Chris, you make the 'happy lemming' case.[But wasn't there a Walt Disney producers or someone making them very unhappy by throwing them over the cliff anyway?]

Meanwhile, for those that can't afford the full war tourism experience, why not give your little 'uns a model taste of what it might be like ? (gotta love the reviews)


Ah, perhaps I should try to post that link again: purely for the reviews you understand.

Barry Freed

"I'm not a target for snipers because I'm a tourist, not like you journalists," he told a reporter. "Besides, I'm not afraid if they shoot at me or that they might kill me. I'm a combination of samurai and kamikaze."

He forgot to add ninja.

Dateline Aleppo:

Usayd rests his Dragunov SVD and turns to his spotter Ali.
Usayd: "What do you say I just take this one guy out and we break for a smoke and a bit of a nosh? I'm famished."
Ali: "No, hold on, wait a minute. Do you see all those cameras he's carrying?"
Usayd: "Another fucking journalist? He's mine."
Usayd readies the rifle against his shoulder.
Ali: "No, no I mean look at him, all those fucking cameras and that's Japanese GSDF camo he's wearing. He's definitely not FSA and I don't think he's a journalist. That's gotta be a motherfucking crazy Japanese tourist."
Usayd: "Mashallah!"


I remember reading (possibly in Ed Vulliamy's book) about a Liverpool trucker (shaven head, belly and tattoos all complete) who regularly took time off to drive aid convoys to Bosnia for much the same reason - it was a change from driving frozen chicken parts around the Midlands, and it was fun.

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