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January 11, 2013


john malpas

is there a point to this?


John, looks to me like a tribute to Evan S Connell, who died yesterday.


Malpas, misstep.
In French, what's more.

I saw McCabe & Mrs Miller again recently, and the quoted passage makes me think of that. Maybe, to revision the revisionism, we should also take another look at the stereotype we've absorbed via Dances With Wolves. It's kind of similar to the one Connell is taking on: straight-backed, hawk-nosed, deep-voiced, mystical, etc. You can bet that in the war party there were plenty of squinting pock-marked scrofulous blokes, who enjoyed the scalping every bit as much.


Yes, except that they had rather a better excuse.


Prior provocation would add to the enjoyment for many of those involved. Let's not delude ourselves about human nature here. It'd be mixed with other emotions of course, especially among those able to take a longer view and see the what history likely had in store.


The book's not meant to be revisionist, or even especially political. The general sensibility is similar to Cormac McCarthy in Blood Meridian, the idea of a fairly fragile civilisation mythologising its origins in relentless territorial expansion amid ruthless irregular warfare.

Richard J

So Flashman and the Redskins then?

(Speaking of GMF, I found a stray copy of the Hollywood History of the World last weekend. First impressions suggest it was one of his old duffer books, depressingly.)


Having recently seen Prometheus, I do hope Ridley doesn't fuck up Blood Meridian too.

Sorry, being from Yoorp I filter the West only through movies. But then, how does that make me different from today's Merkins?

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