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January 22, 2013


Simon W

It's not just middle-class Chinese who like Clarks; Jamaican dancehall artists are also fans.

chris y

I am neither of the above, but they're the only people who make shoes I can wear for more than a couple of hours without weeping from the pain. I've met a good few others who feel the same way.


The desert boot; a design classic, keeping TYR a few centimetres off the pavement since 1998.

Barry Freed

They're comfortable, especially if you do a lot of walking in the city, and they're cheaply priced (just compare Mephisto). Now where did I put my pork pie hat?

belle le triste

The Vybz Kartel/Clarks song is terrific, by the way -- ft Popcaan and Gaza Slim (aka Vanessa Bling): "Toot brush get out de dust balls"

sf reader

From San Francisco I can report that the organized, bus tour of the City by middle-class Chinese is thriving. To access Chinatown, most of the tour buses park on Columbus right outside the Sc/ien/tolo/gists' local cell. I often wonder how many of the tour members pop in for the *free* *psychological* *testing*?

As this is right on the path of my walk to work, I am often quite concerned about the mass-unorthodox-crossing-the-street techniques employed. It can be quite scary, they sort of half-heartedly wander out into full on screaming traffic roaring down Columbus towards the financial district.

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