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January 13, 2013


Richard J

Footnote 7 to that deserves to be noted,

Dan Hardie

It's absolutely shit news. I had one long phone conversation with Aaron about 18 months ago- we were introduced by Dsquared, who knew him pretty well. I can confirm all the reports that Aaron was, as well as being ridiculously intelligent, an unusually kind and open-minded man.

The prosecution that helped push him to his death was a particularly nasty and dishonest piece of government bullying. I hope there are big consequences to this affair, but Aaron is still dead long before his time.


The female DA (who wasn't directly involved, but she was the boss so screw her. They both should suffer) was involved in the odious Tarek Mehanna case.

Sadly there was nothing unusually nasty, or dishonest, about this. Just regular everyday viciousness from an ambitious DA. Usually the victims are black and unknown. And Aaron knew that, and cared about that, which is one (of many reasons) why he was such a great guy.

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