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January 25, 2013




Jamie, I'm sorry, I don't have your email so I've got to ask this question here.

About four or five years ago you reviewed a book about how the CCP keeps its tabs on all large businesses, even foreign-owned ones, by always having at least one CCP member on the board. They usually kept a low profile, but essentially no major decisions were reached without their OKs. I read it but I've now lost my notes on it. Do you remember its title.

I don't think it was the "Rupert's Advnetures in China" book.


I think it might have been Richard McGregor's the Party:



Morgues were frequent "cowsheds" during the Cultural Revolution for improvised long-term imprisonment, too.


That's sounds like it, Jamie. It was a chapter on a Chinese Aluminium Company that I was after. I'll look it up. Thank you.

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