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January 23, 2013



I like that the I Have a Dream speech is called "a moving presentation". I suppose they think it was delivered with the aid of PowerPoint and followed by questions before a toilet break and a workshop on "the role of social media in living out creeds".


I see it was issued from Barksdale Airbase. Didn't Barksdale feature rather heavily in Dr Strangelove?


Burpleson, unfortunately.

But is it any weirder than calling your nuclear weapons programme "Smiling Buddha"?

Barry Freed

At least they didn't call it "satyagraha."


Barksdale featured rather heavily in "The Wire".


Ah yes, the gangster Avon man.


This is not just a nuclear deterrent, it's an ethnically diverse nuclear deterrent...


There is a Strangelove link, of course: the B-52 "Leper Colony" has an integrated crew (including the young James Earl Jones!) and the captain gives this speech:

Well, boys, I reckon this is it — nuclear combat toe to toe with the Roosskies. Now look, boys, I ain't much of a hand at making speeches, but I got a pretty fair idea that something doggone important is going on back there. And I got a fair idea the kinda personal emotions that some of you fellas may be thinking. Heck, I reckon you wouldn't even be human beings if you didn't have some pretty strong personal feelings about nuclear combat. I want you to remember one thing, the folks back home is counting on you and by golly, we ain't about to let 'em down. I tell you something else, if this thing turns out to be half as important as I figure it just might be, I'd say that you're all in line for some important promotions and personal citations when this thing's over with. That goes for every last one of you, regardless of your race, color or your creed. Now let's get this thing on the hump - we got some flying to do.

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