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February 08, 2013



What happens to the food? Does it get binned?

Back in medieval Europe, it was expected (Although obviously not always common) for the rich to show their richness and munificence by having the leftovers distributed to the poor. Obviously that would mean admitting there are poor people, and you wouldn't want them making your streets dirty.
How does charity work there?


But it's not just rich officials that do this: even the most humble dining establishments will regularly be cleaning up tables full of half-eaten dishes. When I'd go to eat lunch alone, I'd regularly be asked, "Just one dish?"


I was told that you haven't performed your duty as the host picking up the bill until you've brought in a full round of dishes that your guests have been unable to finish.

This after a few days/weeks of thinking we'd better show willing and keep eating, given that the grub was still coming.


Whoops, posted this before reading the link, which explains this perfectly clearly.


HMm, maybe there's a market for model food, to be brought in when everyone is obviously stuffed? That way you can look generous but there's no waste.

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