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February 14, 2013


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heh heh. You said "Richard the Third". Heh.


Seriously, a Soyuz? Did Alan ever get to see it?

Chris Williams

Not that one, alas - but he saw quite a few other ones, including one on top an R7 doing about mach 3.

Igor Belanov

York has a Richard III museum? I'm pretty familiar with York and I've never seen nor heard about it. Maybe the Richard III society aren't totally successful with their publicity.

chris y

York's even got a museum for him, but (a) they have a museum for everything already, already

And a half decent tourist pub, if that's not an oxymoron.

Martin Wisse

Considering Josephine Tey based her defence of Richard III in the murder of his nephews on "he had a honest face so he couldn't have done it", I say the society and Daughter of Time were made for each other.

Chris Williams

One is a novel, though. I'm quite happy for people to write historical or para-historical novels in which the world works in a different and more entertaining way to the one we have.

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