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February 21, 2013


belle le triste

Faux concubines, mock dog...


I am highly sceptical that the Qianlong Emperor used to eat bananas in his bath.

Richard J

I presume it's the eunuchs that are faux more than the concubines, unless the latter had a defined legal status in pre-revolutionary China rather than being a euphemism for 'tacitly accepted mistress'.


I'd sell boats of opium,
Whiskey that came from Twickenham,
Authentic queers and phony virgins...

Authentic tarts and phony eunuchs; same difference.


Jam tarts for our real friends and real tarts for our sham friends. No, wait.

Richard J

Real pain for our sham friends and champagne for our real friends!

belle le triste

My so-called friend is now saying I made up his "mock dog" story.

john b

Shampoo, oh, never mind.

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