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January 12, 2014


des von bladet

It looks remarkably like an unremarkable baseball cap to me?


It could also be a monkey's head or a googly-eyed military gas mask. I'm not sure that would explain much.


Wait, it's Dennis Rodman!

Barry Freed

Yeah, I'm with Des, it looks like a baseball cap. I wish it were a dog mask though. That would be cool.


Everyone is right. It's Dennis Rodman wearing a baseball cap and a purple suit, bowing before the rulers of North Korea. So a perfectly natural explanation.

Evidence here.

Barry Freed

Man, he's one weird dude. Rodman's a bit of an oddball too.


That would explain it, but i still can't see the baseball cap. Maybe it's like one of those visual puzzles and if you step away whoever it is turns into Einstein or Marilyn Monroe or something.

Left Outside

Baseball cap was my first guess, the cap's pointing down, he's bowing low. Defo a cap.

Dan Hardie

If you watch the video that alle posted, they show you Rodman in that meeting with Kim and the missus, and it's quite clearly a baseball cap on Rodman's head. He's bending down in front of Mrs Kim- partly because he dwarfs her, and indeed everyone else in the room, and partly I think he's also adding a little extra deference. The top of his head is pointing towards her face, with the brim of the cap pointing at the floor. There's some kind of white device on the front of the cap. I guess if you first see it as a dog mask, it's going to be pretty hard to shake that image from your mind.

Rodman seems pretty high in the video, though that may just be his natural exuberance, and the female North Korean TV announcer really does sound on the verge of orgasm.

Meanwhile, I see John Sweeney turned his 'spend a few days on a tour of North Korea, and get a whole bunch of Korean civilians into massive and probably lethal trouble with the secret police' jaunt into not only a TV show but also into a 320-page book. Three hundred and twenty damn pages out of one brief tourist visit? George Orwell, meet Phil Space.


If he were wearing the baseball cap backwards, would you have mistaken it for a God mask?

OT any comment on the US-Alien-Hitler link?


Back on topic again, has anyone been reading the New Focus International series on what Jang Song Thaek's execution indicates about power struggles inside the Korean leadership? Recommended by Adam Cathcart over on Twitter. Here's the final installment (it has links to earlier pieces):


Barry Freed

Noted: Dennis Rodman checks into alcohol rehab center. Is anyone surprised?


From what I've read about the North Korean leadership, er, no, not surprised at all.

Dan Hardie

So if Rodman can't keep up with the drinking games in Pyongyang, who will replace him as Kim Jong-un's link to the outside world? I'm hoping for David Icke.


I don't know about the NK leadership, but I know what the streets of Seoul are like on a Saturday night.


Not being a basketball fan, my main association with Dennis Rodman is the throwaway line in "Men in Black" in which one of them remarks that Rodman is really an alien, and the other is astonished, because normally aliens pretending to be human manage much more convincing disguises.

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