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January 16, 2014



Off topic sorry, but did I miss the day when Chris Williams told us he was going to be on the Charlie Brooker show????


um, what? I was watching that and I didn't see Chris. Wasn't watching it very closely, mind.

Chris williams

I snuck in towards the end. Luckily they didn't use the bit about otters.


I thought you were genuinely very good.

Chris Williams

I have had lots of experience of answering increasingly surreal questions about the criminal justice system, as if asked by a 5 (6, 7, 8 ... ) year old. The only difference was that this time they came from an adult. Anyhow, I have contributed to the Brooker project, of which I have long been a fan: I can tick that one off the list.


How much did they record? I thought you were sadly under-used, although clearly being under-used is part of what The Expert is there to do. Also, I'm curious about the otters.

I was watching it thinking "wait, an expert in crime and policing? is this going to be someone I recognise? it's not Loader, is it?" And it wasn't.

Brooker's a genius of sorts, but I don't think his quality control is great - after two weeks I can see myself recording WW in future, so as to fast forward through most of the bits where he's not on screen (not including Moments of Wonder).

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