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February 07, 2014


john malpas

Is ths article from the UK where you can be promptly jailed or sacked or even thumped for saying the wrong thing. Where the children are state property to na large degree. And the usual inhabitants are fleeing their usual living areas.
Do tell.


That last sentence does bring up the amusing point that Russia is the country where there once were actual nihilists, and it meant something completely different from what we generally take "nihilist" to mean.


I dunno, I am pretty sceptical of an argument that assumes the Russians could pull this off perfectly if they wanted, but have decided not to; I think it's more likely that they are desperately trying to pull this off but (like Kaiser Bill trying to do Cowes Week at Kiel) are not quite managing...


With Surkov (Putin's Machiavellian spindoctor) back in the Kremlin, I can almost believe it. He's probably the only person in the world with the right combination of creativity, black humour and sheer power to pull it off. I guess he's a bit like the KLF of the Kremlin; you're never quite sure how much of his career is an elaborate PoMo joke.


Well, Dmitri Rogozin planted two birch trees at NATO HQ during his term as Russian ambassador there - named them Topol and Topol-M like the missile, itself named Birch.

That said, I'm always surprised in places like Dubai that power sockets and such are hanging out of the wall among vast extravagance of material. You can force people to work, you can't force them to care. Angela Merkel had a point about good double glazing symbolising Germany.


Relevant: the Russian TV audience saw five rings open, because the director of the coverage patriotically cut to footage from the dress rehearsal.

Dan Hardie

Everyone who criticises Russian policy on the evil of homosexuality is a contemptible conformist mindlessly in thrall to the foul ideology of liberal imperialism. In fact, if you think there's anything wrong with Russia, you probably think we should invade places because they do nasty things (not that Russia does any nasty things, actually) to fag- I mean homosexuals. You despise the working class, and are a part of the Western media, corporate and political elite, continuously and dishonestly asserting your moral superiority to the great majority of the world's population by harping on about gays and gayness.

And if you need convincing of these frankly rather obvious points, I can only suggest that you read this well-reasoned, convincing and not-at-all-cheaply-contrarian article by the great Brendan O'Neill.

Chris Williams

I remain convinced that 'Brendon O'Neill', 'Clare Fox' and the rest of the xLM gang are all played by actors (glad of work, of course) voicing or submitting lines written by a cheap piece of code written by Furedi in 1996.

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