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March 28, 2014



God these are wonderful Jamie. The "Patch Adams" one is actually very intelligent as an assessment of the progressive and regressive aspects of Adams himself as a doctor/activist, and more or less deals with the horrific awfulness of the actual film by ignoring it. I had also not previously realised how unambiguously progressive Conan the Destroyer was.

sf reader

May be the only movie review of Seven Years in Tibet that relies on a quote from Mao's "Report on an Investigation of the Peasant Movement in Hunan." Although the opening paragraph gets nicely to the point: "Seven Years in Tibet is the sanitized and romanticized film version of the self-promoting memoir of an elite Nazi who became a tutor and advisor to the spiritual and political leader of one of the last slave societies on the planet Earth. The elite Nazi is Heinrich Harrer, played by Brad Pitt, and the slave master is the Dalai Lama. It comes as no surprise to MIM that the Dalai Lama would embrace a Nazi, nor that Hollywood would use fascism and slavery to concoct an attack on communism."


Oh, man, that could cost me hours. I am unsurprised that they're keen on The Matrix and didn't like Black Hawk Down, but their love for Conan The Barbarian is slightly more unexpected.


I was also surprised to see, given how much they hated "Men in Black", that they quite liked "Men in Black II".

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