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March 19, 2014


T. Greer

How about the war with the Vietnamese?


Have you ever read "India's China War"by Neville Maxwell?
p 480 (Pelican Books, 1972)...Thus Henserson Brooks and his colleague did not have access to the full picture, and were cut off from inquiry into the crucial exchanges between the civilian leadership and Army HQ....


'How about the war with the Vietnamese?'

That's what I meant by second last.


So I'm looking at this book called A Short History of India and Pakistan c. 1958, 1965 revised in '65, but it seems from the context that the following isn't one of the revised bits: "Maps have actually been printed in Communist China showing parts of Burma, Assam, Kashmir and Nepal under the rule of Peking." Anyway, I have 2 questions about this: 1) WTF? and 2) Is this true?

I'm copying and saving this comment on my computer...


Um, originally c. 1951, but the most recent dates mentioned for anything are '56 or so.


Arunachal Pradesh, certainly. The Chinese have claimed that since 1950, on the grounds that it's illegally occupied by India and rightfully part of Tibet (which, of course, is entirely legally occupied by China).


OK, the last chapter was largely about the wars with China, bringing things up to '64, and implies that those maps were printed before '50.


It would be tricky (though not impossible) for a map to be printed in Communist China before 1950, given that the PRC was only founded on 1 October 1949.


I guess I should have said, before (googling...) October, 1950. Anyway, here's that quote. In fact, what the hell, here's the whole stinking paragraph: "Indian leaders had been somewhat disturbed when it was revealed that Peking maps potrayed as Chinese large areas that India considered her own territory . But no moves were made by China to extend its influence until 1950, when it exercised its claimed sovereignty over Tibet by sending in an occupation force. There was some anxiety over this move in Delhi, but Nehru’s only response was to sign a treaty with China in 1954, whereby India gained certain trading privileges in Tibet and obtained Peking’s assent to the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, or Pancha Shila. In 1956, however, encroachment of Indian territory along the northern border began. By 1957 the Chinese had surreptitiously penetrated into Ladakh, part of Indian Kashmir, and built a strategic road connecting the Chinese province of Sinkiang and Tibet. While checking on this intrusion, an Indian patrol was captured by Chinese forces in the spring of 1958.”

Who care, you wonder. Excellent point. But the way things are now I have to keep my left hand rolled outward or else the cursor starts jumping around, so I need to attach an external keyboard. And another source would be useful regarding the map thing seeing as how no-one seems in answering either of my two ques –damn, it jumped again. Fuck this.


I sort of did answer both your two questions.
1) WTF? Well, China claims Tibet, and it claims bits of India (AP) as part of Tibet. Don't know about Nepal. Kashmir, of course, is the Aksai Chin plateau, presumably, which the PRC went on to occupy in 1964.
2) The claims actually predate the PRC, going back to the Simla Convention of 1914. As to whether or not maps were actually printed, I don't know but it seems perfectly plausible.


"of course"

Of course!





You're welcome.

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