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March 26, 2014


john malpas

Sound like sturdy anti British stuff.
But how many people were actually involved in ruptured spleen death and were they all Indian deceased and british villains. .
Rather simplistic.


Wow, that's sloppy stuff. If you build a whole paper on the significance of the declining number of Britons convicted of murdering Indians, and you note as an aside that over the same period there was a similar decline in convictions of Brits murdering other Brits in Britain, you need to show some sort of awareness that you have just undermined your entire argument.

Sam Dodsworth

"Yes, but what about all the Britons who DIDN'T kick their servants to death?"


That was actually the defence that Barclays used a couple of years ago. "We should remember that on the majority of days in this periods no attempts were made to alter Libor fixings at all".

"Honest more often than not", in other words.

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