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April 09, 2014



I suspect that a major source of this narrative is the fact that the idea of a regime in thrall to the demons it has unleashed and the idea of a China threat generally is politically and journalistically useful and appealing right now

It ties right into CPC Rule Justification No. 3.

1: "Democracy is all very well for Western countries but China is too big for anything but a one-party state."
2: "A one-party state is the best but Western countries just don't have the cohesive cultural and social structure to make it work properly."
3: "Democracy is all very well for Western countries but the Chinese people are too lairy and argumentative and need a strong one-party state to keep order."

Richard J

I dunno; I was at a meeting this morning with a very big Chinese investor discussing where they might be looking to invest into real estate. The reaction when someone brought up Japan as a location was... interesting.

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