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April 11, 2014



See Ern Malley (the fake poet, not the twitter person who uses that, though he's good too).


Shame the Reznikoff is so hard to get hold of. John Seed's more recent Pictures from Mayhew is worth a look, and avowedly Reznikoff-influenced:


"serious allegations against large, volatile men" would be a great B&T strapline, would it not?

Richard J

The water in the pool is not provided in order to remain passive and unused:

It is no mere ornamental pool, nor is it only

the water behind a dam or in a reservoir, being simply stored until it is required and drawn off.

The purpose of the pool is to provide and retain a suitable body of water which is circulated, cleansed and heated, and

so will provide a medium in which the visitors to the caravan park can safely disport themselves,

affording them a pleasurable and safe buoyancy.

I do not think that the water that the pool is designed to contain can be divorced

from the structure of the pool and its apparatus.

Richard J

(Cooke (Inspector of Taxes) v Beach Station Caravans Ltd)

It's almost Tang-era like, that.


Reminiscent of Thomas A Clark, to me.


That Rugby League case is classic, especially the dodgy club boss who is a recruitment consultant and compulsive gambler.


They're all classics. The judge in MacLeod v Metropolitan Police politely saying that he doesn't trust the written testimony of four policemen, because it's perfectly obvious they all wrote their stories together, and instead choosing to go with the stroppy cyclist witness...

The more of these I read, the more I regret not going for a career at the bar. I would love to be a judge.


To market, to market ....

Northampton has been a market town since the grant of a Royal Charter

by King John in 1190. Up until the middle of the 19th century

a livestock market was held in Market Square,

in the city centre.

Due to the difficulties experienced in moving livestock

to the town centre

a new cattle market was built in Victoria Promenade which opened in 1873.

It is – not surprisingly - common ground.


Even better, from Powerboat Land

Part of the claimant's case
is that the defendant company,
which was incorporated under the laws of Brunei,
is legally extinct and,
in any event,

not entitled to litigate in the jurisdiction of England and Wales.

The full procedural history
of this litigation
is labyrinthine.
No purpose would be served by rehearsing the details.


Christ, KPM Marine versus Professional Powercraft seems to have literally been written by William Carlos Williams

Overlooking for a moment
the fact that this witness statement
refers to a different order
made by a different court
than that in respect of which

this application is made,

it cannot,
in any event,
be said to deal with the matters of fact
which Walker J. had ordered that it should.

The instructions upon which counsel
had originally based his assertion
that it complied with the order of Walker J.
putting it kindly,
failed to strike an appropriate balance
between realism and optimism.


The funny thing is, if you read that out loud without the added pauses (and in the right kind of accent) you would just sound like Cyril Fletcher, or Nigel Rees at best. Add pauses and the occasional gaze into the middle distance, and bingo, instant stoner poetry.

Chris Williams

This is not Jamie's first brush with found poetry:

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