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June 05, 2014


Barry Freed

The link you've posted just takes you to the main Nukemap site. You need to to scroll down the side bar to where it says "Permanent link to these settings." Just for you I've hit your hometown with a Soviet Cuban Missile Crisis era R-12 (SS-4) 2.42 megaton airburst. Have a nice day!


cheers Barry. Fixed that now.

Iain Coleman

The overkill is because of the relatively poor targeting accuracy of the Soviet rockets. If you could be pretty sure of hitting Stoke itself, you would probably give it 500 kT or so, but if your rocket might go wide and hit Cheadle instead you want to give it enough megatonnage that it will still take out Stoke.


Someone's got to crack the obvious gag, and I will bear that burden:

So, Barry, you go to Stoke and find a devastated urban wasteland populated by zombies stumbling around in tatters -

how do you tell if your bomb actually went off?

chris y

I agree that the overkill reflects poor accuracy, but why target Stoke at all, unless you really, really enjoy smashing crockery?


Massive great tyre factory iirc.

Richard J

I broadly recall that the few hints about actual Soviet targeting (mainly from East German records) suggest that the principal targets would have been communication hubs. Any port/airport/railway terminus would have been a first wave nuke target. The whole goal was to paralyse any reinforcement of the conventional forces.


"Massive great tyre factory iirc" Haha, Michelin, where myu gran wanted me to get an apprenticeship instead of going to college.

Stoke is athwart the main SE/North West communications artery so that makes sense.

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