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June 19, 2014


john malpas

why is it that people living in the uk have to find racism in everything and have point it out.
Ome day the east will eat you up while you pontificate on political correctness and assorted phobias


Naomi Klein:

"Most of the press attention focused on the sensational detail that the government had been funding acid trips. In fact, a large part of the scandal, when it finally broke, was that the CIA and Ewen Cameron had recklessly shattered lives with their experiments for no good reason - the research appeared useless: everyone knew by then that brainwashing was a Cold War myth. The CIA, for its part, actively encouraged this narrative, much preferring to be mocked as bumbling sci-fi buffoons than for having funded a torture laboratory at a respected university - and an effective one at that."


This is actually an improvement in that they only made three and never actually distributed any; forty years ago they'd have made ten thousand and airdropped them all over the FATA.

Demon Bin Laden looks kind of cool, actually. Like the bad guy from that Star Wars film. Less worrying than the non-demon one, whose skin tone is worryingly green.

What's the pseudo-anthropology element?

Barry Freed

What's the pseudo-anthropology element?

The Maori-like facial tattoos, silly.

I'm mystified that they had the guy who developed the G.I. Joe dolls do these and yet they didn't go with the kung-fu grip. This is not your father's CIA.


well, by pseudo anthropology i meant the assumption that presumptively primitive Afghan villagers' response to Bin Laden would be conditioned by a plastic devil doll.


Saatchi & Saatchi must be kicking themselves to have missed this opportunity back in '97. New Labour, New Danger would have been much improved by demon-eye Blair action toys.


My first thought is that mockery might have been more effective. Bin Laden gonks, say. Or talking dolls that repeated Bin Laden quotes in a high-pitched voice. Scary isn't a bad thing for kids as long as you think the scary is on your side (eg dinosaurs).


The Russians would have filled them with explosive and provided a contact-armed, vibration-triggered fuze, and then dropped hundreds of thousands of them over most of the country. Because, after all, that's actually what they did, although not with a specific Bin Laden doll.

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