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July 17, 2014



Which makes his absence from the Australian Philosophers' Song still more surprising.


'Jumbo the elephant' being here a specific animal, the start of London Zoo before being bought by PT Barnum, and particularly appropriate for a tipsy philosopher.

Jumbo had his own alcohol problem:
"Jumbo would knock down a bottle of champagne or whisky. Before he landed in New York, he was given a bottle of port. His favourite food was biscuits soaked in whisky." [http://www.thestar.com/news/insight/2014/03/07/jumbo_the_elephant_from_child_star_to_boozedup_wreck.html]

Better still, he died as a victim of a real-life Trolley Problem, run down by a train while saving another elephant from the same fate.

Richard J

Further evidence for my long-standing hypothesis that most of world history is comprehensible only on the basis that most of its participants were constantly half-cut.

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