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July 11, 2014


Syd Webb

A bust of Karl Marx?

Chris williams

Wouldn't they have propped that up higher? BTW Syd I will be down your way Aug 14th if you want to meet for a pint.

chris y

Do they still do Marx in the DPRK?

'As the years have passed, references to Marxism-Leninism in party literature have steadily decreased. By 1980 the terms Marxism and Leninism had all but disappeared from the pages of K lloja. An unsigned article in the March 1980 K lloja proclaimed, "Within the Party none but the leader Kim Il Sung's revolutionary thought, the chuch'e ideology, prevails and there is no room for any hodgepodge thought contrary to it." The report Kim Il Sung presented to the Sixth Party Congress in October 1980 did not contain a single reference to Marxism-Leninism, in marked contrast to his report to the Fifth Party Congress in November 1970. In the 1980 report, Kim declared: "The whole party is rallied rock-firm around its Central Committee and knit together in ideology and purpose on the basis of the chuch'e idea. The Party has no room for any other idea than the chuch'e idea, and no force can ever break its unity and cohesion based on this idea."'


The middle three look like they're teeing up for a juche version of the Class sketch. "I am moderately high in the leader's favour. I look up to him, but I look down on him."

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