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July 06, 2014



Interesting. Meng's CV suggests he really didn't move around that much. I thought if you wanted to get big in the Politburo you typically had to go and put down an uprising somewhere in the periphery or at least do some administrative heavy lifting in a struggling inland province, but maybe his skillset is more based around surviving the no doubt particularly sophisticated minefield of the Shanghai area CP?


"Private investigator in China" sounds like the world's worst life insurance risk.

Barry Freed

"Forget it, Jake..."


i've seen reports that the Consulate in Shanghai was hampered over the Humphrey case by stalling srom GSK, so I wonder if they told him who he was actually investigating.

Malcs: I think he was in the train of the Shanghai gang who were helicoptered up to Beijing direct from Shanghai after 1989.

nick s

"Hospitals obtain about half their income from sales of drugs and also rely for income on the use of expensive and often unnecessary tests and procedures. "

How very American. One wonders if Big Pharma sees mainland China as the source of its next half-century of profit, while forgetting that the top brass in Beijing can read.

I also wonder what GSK and its peers are doing to hire pharma reps in China? In the US, it's usually the cheerleaders and the chiselled jaw types who get recruited.

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