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August 08, 2014



Meanwhile, in tigers and flies news, it's not all sophisticated schemes involving Chinese paintings and such - here's a tale of good old-fashioned traffic police corruption: http://english.caixin.com/2014-08-11/100715432.html
Gotta love the number 2 badge there. But seriously, 40 years?


"One advantage here is that a pro-Western orientation changes the framing. Our enemies are kleptocrats. Our friends are embarking on a difficult reform process."

Yes, quite. Descriptions of many post-Communist reform processes are framed in a way that suggest that the problem is the Communist past and that anything that moves away from that is "reform". It misses out the shock-therapy reform period of the late 1980s and early 1990s, which is a considerable part of the problem.

Barry Freed

So it seems that the separatist militia leader who bragged about shooting down MH17 is gravely wounded but reports conflict.


Was he fragged?


"The Ukranian state changed from being a means of facilitating corruption to become a system of theft in itself..."

Sounds a bit like Wall Street.

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