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August 22, 2014



Beijing Zoo, not Berlin. That would have been really special:-)

As well as Harry Redknapp, which Irish taoiseach was it who claimed not to have a bank account and cashed his pay cheque over the bar of his local pub? Ahern, I think?


Ah, it's a great concept, though. "Kicking Provincial Party Secretary Xiang Up The Arse."

Or they could do an 'Allo 'Allo version set during the Cultural Revolution. (It's now as long ago as WW2 was when 'Allo 'Allo was broadcast.)


Comrade Xiao judges the lovely mistress competition: receives Golden Communist award, reads out exhaustive list of enemies...

nick s

Having won Exemplary District Party of the Year for the last two years, and now strapped for cash because of the cost of hosting the victory banquet, local bosses try to avoid a third win by having their worst officials greet the judges. Little do they know that the judges are also working for the CDIC. Everyone is arrested.


We've been here before, of course: http://bloodandtreasure.typepad.com/blood_treasure/2010/08/that-money-was-just-resting-in-my-account.html


Isn't "taxi driver" a bit low down the greasy pole for a zoo director, even as a bogus excuse? Surely there's some better standard excuse for having a bit of spare cash?

chris y

Ahern, I think?

Sounds like him. It was Ahern who found an envelope full of cash on his doorstep and hung onto it because he didn't know whose it was to return it to them. Are you calling him a liar?


Mr. Xiao countered that the new panda enclosure was perfectly good and so there was no reason to split hairs about who got what. It “was finished on time and added luster to the opening of the Olympic Games” of Beijing in 2008, he said at the trial.

Reminds me of the joke about a council in Perthshire getting quotes for a new bus stop from three firms.

The firm from Aberdeen quotes £3000. The chair of the committee asks them to break this down so they say "£1000 materials, £1000 labour and £1000" profit.

The firm from Edinburgh goes up next and quotes £6000. This raises eyebrows, but their breakdown is straightforward - "£2000 materials, £2000 labour and £2000 profit".

Finally a firm from Glasgow walks in and quotes £9000. The chair is a little taken aback, and tells them that although they're a long way from the cheapest tender, he'd still like to hear their breakdown.

"Easy. £3000 for you, £3000 for me, and £3000 for the Aberdeen boys to do the job".

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