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November 13, 2014



Prolly just a coincidence, but Qinhuangdao is apparently a coal-shipping port with rail links to Shanxi...


It seems to me that the obvious answer here is that Ma is in fact a professional criminal who operated under cover of a no-show job with the local authority, in the manner of Henry Hill of Wiseguy fame

Possibly "not only, but also". Notoriously there was a Swansea councillor who changed his BMW every year and had holiday homes and ski chalets on his salary as school caretaker.


Alternative explanations:

1) Order of magnitude errors in the reporting. Not Rmb120m, but Rmb12m. The linked article notes that Rmb120m is literally a ton of money.
2) He's hiding it for someone else, someone much more senior. (Or several someones.)
2a) He's a service provider; he's handling money laundering or export for a lot of other corrupt officials.

nick s

ajay's 2a) has me thinking about the broad graft-related service sector, and how you need friends in high places (including professionals like lawyers and accountants) but you also rely on friends in low places. And that reminded me of Jimmy Savile and his little empire of influence.

chris y

ajay's 2/2a certainly sounds likely. Will he take a fall for Rmb 120m, or if he grasses up his bosses will he get off lightly?

"Had a steady job,
Holding items for the mob.
You know the pay was pathetic-
It's a shame those boys couldn't be more copacetic." (Grateful Dead)

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