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September 10, 2004




Josh Narins

It was very informative for me, but I have a different view on the Chechen situation.

What is justice?
Part of justice is, in the modern system, being able to go to court and receiving a fair trial, should the need arise, or going to the a local magistrate to plea for a redress of grievances.
What does it mean when the Judge, your lawyer, and the Governor, speak a different language? How easy is justice, in that case?

Why should the Chechen people be forced to speak Russian to get justice?

(quick switch)

I understand that 90% of Palestinians speak Hebrew, while less than 10% of Israelis speak Arabic. Imagine the "justice" of a Russian-born (slavically accented) Israeli guard screaming at you, in a foreign language, and being shot if you disobey.

Language is central, and for that reason I am not against the idea of a different deal for the Chechens, Ingushyans, and Dagestanis (and, if all things pan out well, a different deal for the South Ossetians, too).

Stalin dealt with this problem by forcing thousands and thousands of Russian speakers into the trans-Caucasian provinces.

Linguistics, and I believe my proof of this is near mathematical in its precision, is the single best way to examine the question of terrorism.

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