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January 13, 2005



"a convincing refutation of the idea that the private sector is best placed to meet the public’s comedy needs"

Haha! I'd place in evidence the golden comedy age of the BBC in the 60's with the early Pythons working with Forst, David Jason and the 2 ronnies...
And Little Britain, the office etc today I suppose.

Mark Mellon

I'm glad to see that Prince Harold is keeping up the proud tradition of his ancestors: the Prince Regent and more recently the Duke of Windsor. They were worthless, self indulgent jerks too. He's got that same royal style.


How could you? That poor motherless boy. As an 'associate' of his who happens to visit these pages, I know the truth. Harry, being short of readies like many young men at the end of their 'gap' year (or was it two?), was rummaging around in one of his recently deceased grandmamas cupboards and found what seemed to be a suitable costume. Now his aunty Sarah has made a vigrous defence, I feel no need to add anything further.

ed staines

I remember reading about an encounter between Prince William and a hunt saboteur a few years back. Apparently "William was like a beast - bared teeth and hissing", and proper went for the saboteur. Tally Ho!

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