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March 31, 2005



"We remember fascism because of it’s monstrosities, it’s perverse biological politics and the atrocities that ensued from them."

We do, and it's a pity. The perverse biological politics and the atrocities that ensued from them were largely a specificity of Nazism, and did not characterise the original (Italian) fascism until Mussolini became totally dependent on Hitler.

People are constantly berated for identifying fascist-like tendencies in contemporary political movements on the grounds that they're not much more than averagely racist or genocidal. But to say that X has fascist tendencies does *not* necessarily mean they have Nazi tendencies (not that the Nazis were not fascist).

The damage inflicted by Mussolini on the Italian working class and its organisations was quite bad enough, thank you very much, that we need to be very careful not to let it happen again. And part of being careful means recognising the beast when we see it, and not being being lulled to sleep when they say, "Some of my best friends are..."


I think the National Alliance in Italy are the ones to watch in this regard, especially once the Berlusconi clown show finally collapses. They seem to have shed their baggage quite effectively whereas people like Le Pen can't seem to resist revisiting their own filth, so to speak.

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