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April 10, 2005


margaret funnell

I am a founder member of the Diana Circle and I was at Kensington Palace on the day of the wedding of Charles and Camilla.Your info;that there were about 15 members of the DC is 100% incorrect.I was there all day and there were at least 70 members of the circle as well as around 8o people who were not members.Do bare in mind that there are thousands around the world who feel as we do about Princess Diana and share our loathing for the two people who betrayed and hurt her so much.As for the people who put pictures of Mrs parker-Bowles,that were derogatory,you can be assured that it was not put there by an member of our Circle.We insist that they must not do so and before they join us they are well aware of it. We all are there for Diana and all that she means to us and always will.I myself write to the queen and charles and my MP as well as the Archbishop of Canterbury and the papers,if I feel that Diana is being spoken of in a disrespectful manner. from margaret funnell.Brighton

arnold baldinger

you are so right.

julie cain

what planet are you circle members on?
you are at the palace but once a year.every year the circle members cause trouble.

by stealing peoples pictures and flowers then putting stickers on them proclaiming them to be frm members of the circle.
yet all you ever seem to do is portray yourselves as goody two shoes.

Christine Stokes

I take objection to the comment posted Feb 13th by Julie Cain despite being wheelchair bound I try to go to K.P every year for the August 31st anniversary and most certainly do not steal peoples pictures and flowers or proclaim them to be from members of the Diana circle of whom I am very proud to be a member. One thing's for sure "Goody two shoes" is not an epithet, one is ever going to apply to Prince Charles's wife. Lots of choice terms come to mind in relation to this lady this is not one of them. God bless Diana and long may her memory be venerated.

Alan Berry

Anyone who still loves Diana and what she did and stood for can always contact our group The Diana Appreciation Society incorporating Justice for Diana. We are completely non-militant and charge nothing for membership. Please e-mail us if you would like to join.


i sure hope the diana circle or what is left of the circle do not attend k.p on august 31st.
they do nothing but cause problems especially the large lady with glasses.


Just listened to some meely-mouthed self-righteous bitch from hell on BBC News 24 who purports to be from "Diana Circle UK". If this scum queen represents the mainstream of this organisation, all its members are welcome to kiss my arse and die a slow lingering and painful death.
As for the anti-Royal BBC who gave the platform to this cow, the BBC are utterly contemptuous and vile. Scum!

Elaine Nunn

Thank God there are people left who remember what really happened to Diana, how she was hounded out of her marriage, stripped of her title and also her security!
Of course there will always be cretins like the person who left the message above, but we can just ignore idiots like that can't we1


the comment posted nomad is disgusting

he or she sounds like a very bitter person who obviously has a problem with the diana circle.
i have problems with the diana circle but would never leave a comment like the one frm nomad

we all know what REALLY happened to our dear princess

and onne day the truth will come out

joanne sharp

Dear Alan and Joan,
I was in the Diana circle when you were involved but I lost touch and from what I have heard you have since developed the Diana Appreciation Society.
Could you please let me know how I can join and get in touch with you.
Kind Regards
Joanne Sharp.

Mildly Amused

Thank God Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall seem genuinely happy togther and unaffected by a handful of people who are coming off as quite sad by this point. Incidentally I think Camilla has behaved impeccably and that her decision not to attend the Memorial was just more evidence of her wish not to be a controversial or imposing figure.

I think the memorial itself was a subtle way of saying: move on. Rather than focussing your attentions on someone who was no martyr, just a loved public figure stupid enough not to wear a seatbelt, live your own lives Diana Circle! Or join a book club like the rest of a bored middle aged population..

Alexis Francos

Just a note that if the Christine Stokes who posted a message in April of this year is my friend, and I'm certain it is, she passed away 2 or 3 days ago. Her funeral, according to an e-mail her daughter sent, will be on Sept. 10.


The Diana Circle are conveniently forgetting that Charles was pressurised into marrying a woman he didn't love in the 1st place.
He knew Camilla way before Diana and they're somehow surprised that he eventually divorces her and marries someone he truly does love? Does Charles not have as much right to be happy as everyone else? This lot strike me as a sad bunch of hypocrites who need to get on with their own lives, and I wonder how many of them are on their 2nd. marriages?

joanne sharp

In reply to the previous comment I would like to say that Charles was not pressurized into marrying Diana as he had a choice in the matter, he could have married her or let her go and he opted to marry her knowing he was in love with camilla parker bowles.
He never stopped contact with her throughout all the marriage.
He and camilla were deceitful to Diana from the start. He got a heir and a spare and then discarded Diana.
She always wanted her marriage to work and if Charles and Diana were still married she wouldn`t have been with Dodi that night and would still be alive and for that I will never forgive Charles.


i must say it was nice to see and hear that the diana circle have split in half.

fancy wanting to charge a fee for membership of a group in our dear princess's name u should b ashamed of yourselves


i hope and pray NO members of the diana circle or diana appreciation society turn up at the palace in either july or august this year.

they are nothing but trouble makers.
especially the OLD lady with dark hair in a beehive style.
she is nothing but a meddling old fool.


The Diana Circle UK did have some issues that have since been ironed out in the end all they do and we do here in the US is honor her memory. For those who have submitted the catty comments they are so not needed.


the so called catty comments are needed

these ppl have to realise they are not the only ones who love diana.
if they are so much in admiration for the princess how come they only turn out in august when there is likely to be media coverage?


as the time approachs for the 1th aniversary of princess diana's death,

i hpe ad pray that if tediana circle/appreciation society turnup , thatthey do not try and take over like they do every year.
the railings andgates arefor all tributes from everyone theydo not belongto a certain group of peple please bear this in mind


I want to know more about blood & treasure. I am a founder member of the Diana Circle and I was at Kensington Palace on the day of the wedding of Charles and Camilla.



Wide Circles


I want to know more about blood & treasure. Because I am a founder member of the Diana Circle and I was at Kensington Palace on the day of the wedding of Charles and Camilla.



Wide Circles


I listen about Diana Circle.Now i want to tell you some thing about this topic.I think the public has an understanding that it's not going to be overnight regime change. But there are three factors he's got to be aware of that could backfire on him...If the economy turns for the better, the public can be more forgiving about world...But if the economy doesn't turn, everything magnifies for him.
Wide Circles


For the 11th year the Diana Circle was in front of KP to honor Diana as we do every year. As noted in several comments who assume we take over every year. I am sure you have seen us on the front page news and dominating every news station around the world? Of course not. We do what we have always done and will do so yes ONCE A YEAR is hold a memorial service to honor her.

margaret funnell

The members of the Diana Circle uk were at Kensington Palace on the 11th annversary of the death of Diana and we joined with the many other lovely people who came to remember Diana. Father Gelli conducted the service of rememberance for Diana and a big thank you we gave to him.
There was not one word of discord or friction as some of your letters would have us believe.
The rude remark that we take money from the members,again was put in such a way as to cast aspersions on the Circle. The fact of the matter is that money used given to the secretary of our Circle with cheques made out to him, but an accountant whose friend is a member ,pointed out that it is illegal and that any money or cheques are for the Diana Cicle UK,not any individual. If you care to check this statement you are at liberty to ask any of our members.
The donation is a few pence per week and is put into Diana Circle Uk bank account. It covers expenses,postage,paper and envelopes,printing ink for our computers etc. BUT what is left over at the end of the year is passed to one of Diana's many charities.
We have a treasurer and a co-signatory,so everything is legal and correct.
I objected to the sisuation as it used to be,because I knew it was wrong to take money and place it into ones own account.
The Diana Circle is growing and the only criteria to join ,is that you love Diana and wish to keep her memory alive.

Margaret Funnell
c/o founder Diana Circle UK

Diana fan

I am glad that the Diana Circle were there to honor Diana as they always do..The comments by people who have nothing else better to do than try and cause problems are a bunch of loosers...

julie cain

as the time is here to once again attend the palace in honor of the princess no doubt the circle will be there again on monday and yet again no doubt will be causing problems for other people as they usually do

julie cain

i see the diana circle was at k.p yet again causing probs for ppl and bossing ppl around as if they own the place.

sooner the diana circle realise they r NOT the only ones who loved/love our dear princess the better. they cannot be allowed to keep bossing ppl around the way they do


who is this julie cain person? does anyone know her she seems a bit bitter towards the circle.

i do not get on with the circle but theres no need for her or others to be so negative


Julie Cain sounds like a bitter old cow. If she has a problem with them being at KP then fine she does not need to voice it here.

Matt Sanderford

Would the diana appreciation Society be the people behind the sick hate campaign directed against C&C?

Posting under multiple user names such bitter and unhealthy allegations well worthy of deranged minds as Charles not only being a multiple adulterer(With women)and in the same post that he's gay? (AOL Royal M.B.)

That Camilla doesn't bathe,that Prince Philip and Charles are murderers and all the other nasty little lies they have been so desperately putting about.

If you are then quite frankly you should be locked up and kept apart from ordinary decent people.

mesage ###board


I would not be surprised about the hate campaign since the "Appreciation Society" is an off-shoot of the Circle and did not get along or whatever the story is with the owners. Hate to bust your bubble but it is published fact that Camilla dows not like to bathe and also Charles has been very very very very close with his valet Stephen and his former secretary now boyfriend I mean party planner. When Charles says "I need him in my life and I cannot exist without him" Gee what do you t hink? Do I believe he is gay? Bisexual definitely...but gay no he married Camilla didn't he?..LOL


susanna i partly agree with ur comment re julie cain. as you say she can keep her comments to herself rather then post them here, yet in the same breath you go on to call her an old cow, is that not somewhat hypocritical?


Sure it probably is hypocritical but so what? Is that not the purpose of being able to post?


Would any representatives of the "Diana Circle" care to make an unqualified,direct statement to the effect that none of their members,especially the D.C. organisers are behind the sick allegations made on internet message boards including A.O.Ls Royal M.B.?

These creepy and sick allegations include amongst others that the Royal Family are murderers,that Charles apart from being a serial womaniser is also Gay,that Camilla doesn't bathe and other pathetic,childish products of diseased minds.

Could the Diana circle also categorically condemn the hate and harrassment campaign being waged against Charles and Camilla by people who are obviously psychologically unhinged.(Especially as most,if not all of them never actually KNEW Diana in real life)

I wonder if there will be a deafening silence in response to my request?


What are you nattering on about? Do you have a link to this "royal message board"? I looked through AOL and could not find it...

BTW, the Diana Circle in the US no longer exists. How would I know I use to be a member.

Not sure what your rant is but as for sick allegations look at other message boards out there for there is far worse things being said. And as for Charles and Camilla let the facts speak for themselves Camilla has made it publicly known she does not bathe and Charles cannot do without Michael Fawcett. What does it matter to you anyway? Whether they knew Diana or not you do not know and for that matter you never knew her either..Get a life scooter

Frank Does Not Know

I could not resist replying to "Frank's" remarks about comments on the Internet message boards. There are alot of people who make comments that are down right nasty on alot of boards. It's called freedom of speech. However, the media has always gotten it right about those two. For Charles to publicly admit that he cheated on his wife and the public also finds out it goes back to his honeymoon how sick can that be? It's the truth..As for Camilla I agree with the person who posted about her bathing habits..The woman does not bathe all of the time and this comes from people around her..So if Charles is gay that is his business but I would not doubt it..And as for the RF being murders well history has shown some strange things going on with that family..So who is to say they are or are not. What does it matter to you anyway? How do you know if it is the Diana Circle. You sound like a whiner and someone who has something against everyone..I love the comment about "Get A Life Skippy/Scooter" Cause you must not have one...

Camilla remains a hard sell
Canadians slow to warm to Prince Charles' second wife after royal marriage shenanigans


Last Updated: 5th November 2009, 4:24am
Email Story Print Size A A A Report Typo Share with:
Facebook Digg Del.icio.us Google Stumble Upon Newsvine Reddit Technorati Feed Me Yahoo Simpy Squidoo Spurl Blogmarks Netvouz Scuttle Sitejot + What are these? Once upon a time, the man who would be king of Canada arrived on these shores to show off his shy, beautiful bride.

We were all a lot younger then, and Prince Charles looked less stuffy than was his wont and Diana, the Princess of Wales, well, she took our breath away, and people of this realm lined up everywhere to catch a glimpse of her and how proud we were that our nation could claim the most glamourous woman in the world as our future queen.

But as we know, we didn't all live happily ever after.

Turns out Chuck was two-timing his naive wife with his old flame, Camilla Parker Bowles, dialling her up on his honeymoon and even turning in with grass stains on his PJs following a midnight romp with the rival Diana called the "Rottweiler." He, ugh, even fantasized about being Camilla's tampon.

As the kohl-eyed Diana would famously, if dramatically, complain to millions of TV watchers, "There were three of us in this marriage so it was a bit crowded."

After she bore an heir and a spare, she was thrown aside, he reunited with his one true love, she died in a tragic car crash. The end.

So much for fairytales.

And now the prince, pushing 61 and still waiting for that darn elusive throne, returns to Canada -- on our dime, yet -- with his second wife in tow for the first time, hoping we'll now buy Camilla as our next queen.

It's a hard sell. It turns out most of us couldn't care less about the royals anymore. And the rest? Well, some of us are still rather bitter, if you must know.

Yesterday, the royal couple arrived in Toronto for the second leg of their 11-day cross-Canada tour, with Charles bounding down the stairs and leaving his beloved in his dust to pick up the rear. They were greeted by Ontario government officials who did their duty, paid their respects and sent them on their way. There were no cheering crowds lining the streets, no big public welcome that could prove embarrassing when only a few diehard monarchists showed up.

Instead, the prince headed off to meet business leaders to talk social responsibility -- one of his laudable fave topics -- while his wife of four years did the easy lifting by heading to the Royal Conservatory of Music to hear students perform.

Camilla is not a dazzling style setter like her predecessor, nor does she try to be. She's worn the same bleached blonde flip of a hairdo since she first propositioned Charles at a polo match 40 years ago.

But we must grudgingly admit that she looked quite nice for the mini-concert in a lovely navy coat and dress by designer Anna Valentine, a tremendous improvement on her controversial rabbit scarf and moss green ensemble she wore in Newfoundland.

Awaiting her arrival at the Conservatory's Koerner Hall was "Sylvia," a middle-aged music teacher who decided to spend her break trying to catch a glimpse of the duchess.

"I really don't know why, I don't like her very much," she confessed while insisting she couldn't give her real name. "I think it's the deceit of it that still bothers me. He knew when he married Diana that he loved this Camilla. No woman likes that."

No indeedy.

There was polite applause as Camilla entered the hall and took her seat in a box by the stage. She seemed to sincerely enjoy the short performances by 10-year-old pianist Tony Yang, violinist Bora Kim, 16, and soprano Kimberley-Rose Pehfany, 18, and met them on stage to thank them.

"It was very nerve-wracking and very exciting," a breathless Pehfany said after she sang for royalty. "She asked me if I came from a musical family and I told her that my mother sings and my parents met in a choir. So she said music is in my genes."

And her impression of the duchess? "She was a lot kinder than I expected."

Camilla was then treated to a few children's presentations of the Learning through the Arts program, to which she looked dutifully interested, and then it was time to rejoin her hubby for an Ontario government reception at the Carlu.

As she was escorted to her waiting car on Bloor St., the duchess attempted some uncomfortable "hello, how are you's" as she walked through a tiny gathering of the curious which responded with a smattering of polite applause.

Because while we may be increasingly indifferent to royalty, we still have our manners.

"I don't really like her -- I loved Princess Diana," explained Jenny Richards, a 45-year-old teacher who was on her way home from a doctor's appointment when she spotted the small crowd. "I'm just curious to see her up close to see if she looks like she does on TV."

Years have passed, but Richards is one Canadian subject still not ready to forgive and forget, no matter the valiant PR efforts put on by Camilla's besotted husband and his staff.

"I could accept Charles as king but not Camilla as queen," Richards said. "It's still a sore point


So it seems that I was correct to surmise that the sicko unsubstantiated filth spread about C&C is being perpetrated by so called lovers of Diana.

Published fact is it that Camilla doesn't like bathing ?
Well how about a factual cite as to where and who published it,could work out to be a very expensive piece of publishing if it had any truth outside of your very sick mind.

And you know as an established fact that Charles is very close to his valet do you ?
So how do you know that then ?
Do you know the valet?
Have you even met the valet?
Have you ever even met Charles?
Is your information based on actually having been in their presence in the Palace,in public ,anywhere EVER?
Or did you just make it up just like all the other creepy lies?
You sully Dianas name and memory every time you rather unpleasant individuals spew out your complete and utter tripe,pity you've been found out now isn't it.
Do yourselves a favour and seek psychiatric help for your own sakes if nothing else.

John Doe

Ah Frank great to hear from again..Let me ask you do you know the valet, have you ever met the valet, have you ever met Charles, have you ever met Camilla, have you ever met Diana?

Whatever, why should you care about Charles or his boyfriend. People talk and Charles has been known to say how "he cannot do without Steven"..I do not have to prove a dam thing to you...in any way shape or form. If I choose to write this then I will..You think I sully Diana's name? What about her friends who have made money off of her and have never could be bothered to defend her memory let alone honor? I have never done those..Her own family make money off of her and that is okay...How much money does her brother contribute to charity? Where was he when she wanted to live on the estate only to be told "he cannot allow it of the security nightmare"...whatever...

Well Frank as much as I would love to continue this I have better things to do....ta ta old boy..


well, if the spambot bait post is getting some love, why shouldn't this one? It's still a top 3 result for "diana circle"!


It's amazing really. I' ve somehow ended up running a micro-blog for these people. It's like having ghosts drifting in and out of your living room.


perhaps some test strings? see what they search for...

Kim Karnes

It would be nice if this would go away..Seems pettiness still runs deep....


Kim Karnes sounds like a West Berlin punk band's singer in 1981.

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