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April 01, 2005



Ah, the good old days of the pornocracy...

On the other hand, falsifying history was not the invention of the Bush junta[*]. I read different accounts for two: for Leo V, a second version points to strangulation by Sergius III's direct predecessor Christopher - who was in turn/also strangulated by Sergius -, a third has lynching by a mob. The Stephen IX(VIII) mutilation story seems to originate in a later work of 'history', contradicted by contemporary sources.

Then again, the number five seemed absurdly low, and indeed after checking, I found several more - six more alleged poisonings during the pornocracy alone. (Also, Sergius III was elected Pope twice; the first time, he was chased away even before ordination...)

And then there is the nice story of a central heroine in the story, Sergius III's underage maitress and later alleged serial poisoner Marozia, who was - again allegedly - put to death at age 94, after 50 years in prison - with accusations involving her relatedness to his secondborn, who first put her (and her firstborn, John XI) in prison, and also being the grandmother of this son's son, the later Pope John XII...

[*] as in: "Saddam threw out the UN inspectors in 1998"

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