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June 12, 2005



Can you take down the link? (thank you,) this is an e-mail from The Queer Action coalition, quoted on a US blog (pandagon):

Thank you for your email. We are feeling the same concern that you are that actions will be taken against him to make his time spent in LIA even worse than it has to be. We are attempting to defray any unneccessary focus upon any one teen in the program; we are asking and have asked that bloggers not link directly to *******'s blog. We do understand, however, that it is much easier for the public to latch onto a story with an identity, so all of our attempts may not be successful. Thank you for sharing your concern, and rest assured that we are doing our best to make sure nothing bad comes to ****** because of our actions. In the meantime, if you see anything that you deem to be questionable or personal about ******, feel free to email us with the website's address.

Kevin Carson

"Fresh undergarments are to be worn at all times."

But when you put them on, they're not fresh any more. This instruction ranks right up there with "Lather, rinse, repeat": "But when can I stop?" Or that time that Jethro Bodine got a new watch: "In exactly 30 seconds the time will be.... Wait, that's 24 seconds.... No, wait...."


Yes, but if you have Jesus in your pants they will stay miraculously fresh and free from skid marks.

Kevin Carson

And just how is the rule going to be enforced? Underwear inspectors? Reminds me of the Rodney Dangerfield "Dad" character in Natural Born Killers: "Go upstairs and take a shower, right now! And be sure you get good and clean, 'cause I'll be up to check!" Sounds like the organization's leadership hasn't finished addressing all its own latent homosexuality problems.

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