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July 13, 2005



"Presumably the fourth is the bus bomber, though that hasn’t been confirmed as far as I’m aware."

The "fourth" as far as the news described him was I think the King's Cross/Russell Square bomber, who took longest to identify. The police have no said they believed he died in that blast.


"no said"="now said"

Damned typos.. Also, I believe the bus bomber is the only one they know "definitely" died in the blast (presumably they found his blood rather than just his credit cards). This is, indeed, one of the more interesting aspects: it appears they had all their wallets and shit with them. They weren't afraid to be identified, or of the consequences (ie. for "the rest of the cell" if there is such a thing) of being identified.

Paul Davies

re: the suicide mentality/recruitment process

fascinating piece in the T2 today, interview with a suicide bomber that cocked up and lived

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