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July 13, 2005



Like it, absolutely spot on.

EU Serf

Its a PC way to blame a whole community for the evils of a few individuals.

No community can be responsible for a crime. Crime is commited by criminals.

If a member of the BNP used the same logic in a slightly different way, Mr Blair's dodgy heart would go boom.


I am not so sure. I think communities can do a lot to self-censor behavior. Look at drunk driving: it is now completely unacceptable in most British communities -it's not only illegal but also totally uncool. If you are drunk and are heading towards your car, one of your friends is going to intervene to stop you.
This is not the case in all cultures: in Spain for example, drunk driving is still common and socially acceptable, as it is in many rural communities in the US. There, the only deterrent is the threat of the police catching you: which is not nearly as effective a deterrent as the social influence of your friends and family.

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