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August 03, 2005



I had a look at his blog but didn't get further than his attempt to show the Iraqis "a typical Gary Cooper-style American", after lionising at considerable length a US contracting officer.

They really shouldn't let such innocents out in the world. I mean, doesn't anyone read Graham Greene these days?

As far as "basic training in democratic principles" goes, he perhaps should've had a chat with the chief police advisor, DCC Douglas Brand of South Yorkshire Police, the only policeman in Iraq who doesn't carry a gun and the man sent for after Bernard "Goodfellas" Kerik ran away/was fired for blatant incompetence two months after he said he expected to be there for "years to come". (The story's in my Dec. 2004 archives, I can't be arsed to find the url)


It's odd isn't it? I've read him from time to time and he comes up with a lot of interesting stuff, but you get the sense from his own work that he's baffled and occasionally exasperated by events, almost as though everyone else is in on a secret that they won't tell him.


In fact, in a sudden burst of arsedness, I have looked up the URL: it is here.

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