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August 21, 2005



Mardy is very Yorkshire, too, especially Sheffield: one track by the Arctic Monkeys is called Mardy Bum, and they're a Sheff-Rotherham band.

Laban Tall

I have a copy of a book called "Arfur Tow Crate In Staffy Cher" which explains how to speak correctly in that fine county.

Example :

Mar necks dower kne burr scorra kind slice on Benty Lay

(my next door neighbour's got a council house on the Bentley estate)

Gooey no posh is her ? Anna terry stuns die near goody nuff fur rum ?

(Going all posh, is she ? Aren't the terraced ones dowwn here good enough for them ?)


Ser they dust know arfer tow crate anow, wut?


...and it's Bentilee, by the way. Which, in a term I recall fondly from my childhood, is rough as a badger's arse.


My favourite Yorkshireism - the verb "to laike" for "to play". Clearly derived from the Danish...which means I went to school with folk who spoke Viking...


My favourite yorkie-ism is "spawny", which I believe means "outrageously lucky." That -ny suffix sounds like Old Norse, too.

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