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August 08, 2005



I quite like the "rite of passage" idea but it would have to be done properly; ie psychedelic herbs, lizards, sweatlodges, ritual mutilation, fire, lion-killing etc. I suspect that a dull readthrough of some Birtspeak version of the Boy Scout Oath at the local registry office is just going to contribute to the long decline of our national vigour.


perhaps we could require that you can't get onto the electoral register unless you gather the skulls of three Australians (our natural tribal enemies; I would have said the French or Germans obviously but I suspect that this would lead to complications at the EU level).


The only defining characteristic of British I can think of is the tendency to nick the best bits off any other culture and add them to our own. The best way we have found of doing this has been to bring in immigrants and let the flow of cultures be 2 way.
(This applies to the English language too in that we will happily nick the best words from other languages until they have no more good words left of their own and thus have no reason to be used in preference to english)

M Pyre

It's a good thing we Brits can't be bothered with all this patriotic nonsense these days. The only time we wave flags is during important moments in our history such as the Battle of Wembley (1966) or the more recent repulse of the Convict Invasion at Edgbaston.

I still find it puzzling though that armed with only a few rusty Lee Enfields, a gunboat or two and the occasional foolish charge of a Light Brigade that we built such an empire. Look at the New Imperialists of Merkinland; the most expensive arsenal in history and they can't beat a few poorly armed insurgents. Having said that, if one calculates the power of an empire by the quantity of outlets serving poor quality snacks and fizzy black sugared water then they have us beaten hands-down.

No wonder they need all that flag-saluting and allegiance-pledging palaver to "feel better about themselves".


Thanks for "prehensile snack thinkers", by the way.

mr k

I think Mr blair is hoping everyone will get so fed up of living here that we will all move to other countries, thus reducing the only people at risk of terrorism to himself. He's very self sacficing.

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