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September 02, 2005


Phil Hunt

To my mind it’s questionable whether those who kill the ugly and unpopular should be punished at all. Are they not performing a service to the community? What does Harriet think? What does the community think?

Obviously we need a telephone poll (advertised in the Sun, premium rate number of course) to find out.


Tsk Jamie you bleeding heart liberal. I favour the only sensible penal code ever devised; the Corsican vendetta. On my untimely death, the entire membership of Crooked Timber will take to the maquis as bandits d'honneur until the family of my assailant are wiped out. Or face the constant mockery of the women.


Yes, but there have to be some limits. My women are better off married into the families of people I have offended in some way, rather than walking about cursing and generally putting on a performance.


are you sure you don't have some Welsh blood in you?

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