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September 23, 2005


John H

Yeah, but that David Mery bloke was clearly asking for it. Just look at how the police summarised his suspicious behaviour:

· I went into the station without looking at the police officers at the entrance or by the gates;

· two other men entered the station at about the same time as me;

· I am wearing a jacket "too warm for the season";

· I am carrying a bulky rucksack, and kept my rucksack with me at all times;

· I looked at people coming on the platform;

· I played with my phone and then took a paper from inside my jacket.

He clearly brought it on himself. ;-)

Seriously, though, he should consider himself a bit lucky he's still alive. Jean Charles de Menezes ended up with eight bullets in his head for less.

The really weird bit was that he was regarded with suspicion for "keeping his rucksack with him at all times". I thought that's what we were *supposed* to do?

rampART radio

You might be interested in the audio interview on rampART radio in which David Mery talks about his experience and chats about the errosion of our civil liberties...

You can download the MP3 from the rampART website or subscribe to the podcast.


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