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September 12, 2005



After this weekend in NI, it looks like a fair few Orangemen should be on their way to Belmarsh too. I definitely saw one on the news justifying terrorist violence. Perhaps we should deport them to the Republic?

And in the interest of fairness we'd better round up some Catholics too. Many of them refuse to condemn terrorism.

Lets not forget some members of the government. No-one can deny they have used violence to advance their political agenda.

Bah, the whole thing's a bloody farce.

Gavin Ayling

Surely any peaceful protest could be defined thus:

"designed to influence the government"

I shake my head.

Fuel Protestor

Why are you worried about the milquetoast Terrorism Act 2000 ?

Since the NuLabour Government panics over the fuel protests back in 2000, they have passed the astonishing Civil Contingencies Act 2004, Part 2: Emergency Powers


which is comparable to Hitler's Enabling Act


which turned a democratically elected government into a dictatorship.

Repeal of Magna Carta, habeas corpus, detention without trial, confiscation of property without compensation, etc. all on the *oral* say so of a Minister (including, astonishingly people who are not even real Ministers, but are just NuLabour party apparatchiki like the Chief Whip)

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