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December 14, 2005



I would recommend "A Carnival of Buncombe" and then stop. I bought it, loved it, went out and bought "The Mencken Chrestomathy" and my good lord it gets irritating after a while.


Call me a swivel-eyed nutcase, but I've got both Chrestomathies. I'd say there's a lot of good stuff in them: Sahara of the Bozart, Commonwealth of Morons, etc: The Pushful American is the best description of social mobility I've ever ran across.

But yeah, one for dipping into, as they say. The "Days" trilogy is fantastic, though.


Well it reminded me of John Kerry, whom I take as the measure of What is Wrong with America. All the Dems needed was someone with the modest merits that would have allowed him to beat W and they came up with Kerry. Dear God!

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