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December 01, 2005



so was the Bilderberg Group, IIRC.

Backword Dave

Wasn't there a theory that "the base" came from Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" trilogy? (Utterly tedious books, IIRC.) May have been dismissed by Patrick Nielsen Hayden.

Of course, there's also a theory that's it's just a name made up by the security services.


Apparently al Qa'ida is a more correct anglicisation. I read somewhere that if you lose the apostrophe the word means "air conditioner."

Hmmm. All very J G Ballard.


Having spent most of this week between the back of a 747, the Cape Town Holiday Inn, and a vast convention centre, I'm inclined to agree. They are all terrorists. Waste the tourist trade!

More seriously, I'm going to post later today about a rather curious example of this..


It's done

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