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January 11, 2006


tristan forward

as a cheese delivery driver working in the uk i have to tell you that we are unaccustomed to such frivolity and i will place this article in circulation at the offices of h&b food provisions forthwith


Chinese + cheese. Common lactose intolerance <= genetics. Sorry to piss on your parade.


*sigh* This is a worldview. This is a theory. This is my granbd plan to succeed Thomas Friedman and William Rees Mogg. How dare you introduce "facts" into it.


A grand plan to succeed .. William Rees Mogg.
I doff my hat to you.


Tsk, tsk! dearieme is just showing his/her Western cultural bias: most people in the world -- and most mammals -- are not able to digest lactose after they've been weaned from mother's milk. It's pretty much just people of Northern European descent who have the gene which extends that ability into adulthood. So, I think those who CAN digest milk products after infancy should be referred to as having the "adult lactase mutation". And many of us non-mutants do have the ability to digest cheese, since 95% or more of the lactose is contained in the whey which is removed for cheesemaking. So... your point stands. Behold, the power of cheese!


I appreciate your contribution. But let's not get too bogged down in technicalities here. It's the grand sweep of history we're talking about.


I wish to register a complaint. evano is clearly guilty of anti-Western cultural bias if, after reading an allusion to hat-doffing, he/she can still write "his/her". Fie. Zounds. Have at thee, knave. Especially since hat-doffing is best done with a grand sweep.

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