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February 03, 2006



Frankly, considering that the Iraqi air defence system never managed to shoot a plane down during the 12-year no-fly zone episode, they would have to have notified the Iraqis first, got their intelligence to locate an tribal wedding party out in the desert, and flown in circles very slowly at under a thousand feet; perhaps they could have got Bush to be the pilot.


Well, Dan, cool as the U-2 undoubtedly is, the Russians managed to twat one with an SA-2, which is about as advanced as Iraqi air defence got in 2003. Presumably they have all kinds of stealthy gimmicks these days, though.

How would they have known the tiny radar blip up there at 70,000 feet was a UN or US aircraft anyway? They accepted UN air recce in late 2002, carried out by various countries' assets.

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