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March 16, 2006



I think something more along the lines of nuclear disaster is perhaps a natural part of our evolution.

Stephen Jay Gould is famous for the theory of punctuated equilibrium, which says that every so often, an asteroid hits the earth or something equally dreadful happens, and the survivors are not necessarily the fittest, but just those who found a convenient hiding-place until things got better.

More complicated explanations here and here.

Cronenburg is just extending that to human activities.


If you changed that to Kronenbourg is just extending that to human activities, it would be at least as true and probably more so, not to mention funnier.

Backword Dave

The front page of the says "We saw human guinea pigs explode", which I doubt is actually true.


But you have to say, just like "Drug Victim 'Like Elephant Man'" in yesterday's Evening Strangler, it's a gooood headline.


Well, I say that "we saw human guinea pigs explode" is more Cronenburg than Kronenbourg, though absinthe might explain it too.

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