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April 13, 2006


Jimmy Doyle

Sorry; what's "tankie"? Pro-Soviet/anti-Dubcek-type?


yes, strictly: pro the tanks going into Bufapest/Prague, etc. I'm using it generically for "former member of far left group"

Chris Bertram

A tad unfair about ex-Trots (being one such myself) ... though I'm pretty sure that John Lloyd has a genuinely Stalinoid past.


Mere relativism. One has to make a clear stand against bad things and in favour of good things. This is how one distinguishes the good from the bad.


time to seriously abuse the privilege of access to the Guardian blog I think.


It seems only minutes ago that that Wheen chappy was telling us that Karl Marx was a warm, lovely human being.


There's a strange typo on the manifesto's homepage. The seem to have spelled it Euston, when surely it should be the Houston Manifesto, in honor of the home of George W. Bush International Airport.

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