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April 03, 2006


Charlie Whitaker

All very well said.

Interesting that this lot feel the need to take the offensive. How many speeches, in how many days? Do they really think they have a prayer?

c james

This perception of the masses that the Waffen SS were nothing but criminal thugs has just about gone far enough. The Waffen SS were front line troops , ..Germany's finest.
Sure there are accounts during war which would condemn any side for the handful of criminal types who are guilty of excesses, a thorough campaign of false information has done a really good job on the this particular group
Many were to come home after a long war only to be hunted down by illegal groups of Wiesenthal's thugs and murdered after the war ended.
Tens of thousands of Waffen SS soldiers were lined up and murdered. It is an absolute falshood that these soldiers were anything but good soldiers. However the victors write the ensuing history. The Waffen SS have been villified for the purpose of demonising them in a blind tunnel visioned convenient fashion.


Well, yes there will be a vacancy for Home Secretary soon, but this is not the place to apply.


I must say that on a casual reading of his book, I would have placed Clive James on quite the other side of the Waffen SS issue from the one he appears to be taking above.

Backword Dave

I still haven't finished 'Beyond a Boundary' but I thought that author used all his initials, and is also dead. Still, I'm even more surprised by his revisionist views than by his visit from beyond the grave.

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