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May 24, 2006



Will they form a party called the Decent Left, in emulation of the Italian Democratic Left?

Or join the BNP? Or the Henry Jackson Society? Or Mums' Army?


I'm always a little sceptical about this focus on policies and 'who is best to run the X'. I think most people decide who they are going to vote for (or say they are going to vote for to a pollster) and then mould their views of the party's policies to that.


Perhaps the much fabled "hung parliament" will finally appear?

Backword Dave

I don't know about the Blairoids being part of the Labour vote. I think they're part of the swing to Labour; and they were Tories until about 1994 or 5. I agree that they may "go off in some bizarre direction of their own." Dare I suggest that they already have a manifesto?

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