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May 23, 2006



Well, I profess to be a Yorkshire Ranter, and I have a beard, but I suspect it's more of an "engineer beard" given most of my views (even though I'm not an engineer).


Better than a media a "media beard", I suppose...what other kinds of beard are there out there?

Robert Jubb

People have said that I look like either a Mennonite or Abraham Lincoln, which I think is entirely due to a perhaps unwise beard.


Aren't they the ones who chop off their own bollocks, or was that Old Believers? I'm getting confused about sects these days


I think that was the Khlysty. The Old Believers refused to accept reforms in the Russian Orthodox church in the 17th Century; I think they just went on beleiving in the old fashioned way.


I think the Mennonites are kind of like the Amish, but a bit less so. I only look like one, though, so don't ask me.


It's quite something to think of people so conservative that 17th century Russian Orthodox priests condemned them for not moving with the times...
Incidentally, you're thinking of the Skoptsy, a subsect of the Old Believers, not the Khlysty, who were ascetic and limited themselves to flagellation (Rasputing may have been a Khlyst).
There were also Raskolniks, who practised self-immolation; Danilovtsy, who practised partial marriage, Adamants, who refused to use money or passports; the Confession of the Grandmothers; Dyrniks, who rejected ikons and prayed through holes in the wall; and Doukhobors, who rejected the Trinity.

Anyway, as any fule kno, it's a Ministry of Magic. See Rowling, passim.


Ah, yeah...come to think of it, weren't the Khlysty the "milk drinkers"?

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